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My Favorite Part about Dance is...

"..Seeing all that hard work come together to tell a story." Tracy, Dance Mom 
"..Miss Amanda." Emily M., 7
"..Lyrical Dance." Kaylin, 7
"..Competing." Brynn, 7
"..The Recital." JR, 6
"..Miss Amanda." Haydee, 7
"..It's not about winning it's just about having fun." Sophia, 6
"..Handstands, cartwheels, and Miss Amanda." Emyleen, 7
"..Splits." Lilly, 6
"..When we have our performance." Mackenzie G., 6
"..That we get exercise and take care of our body." Molly, 7
"..Miss Amanda." Makenna M., 6
".. Dancing. I love dancing because I want to teach dance when I grow up." Mackenzie J., 7
".. Cartwheels, flipping, crab walks, and the trampoline." Alliana, 6
"..Going across the floor." MaKayla, 5
".. Dancing to the music." Sammy, 4
"..Trampoline." Ella W., 3
"..I like to challenge myself to be better and try harder things." Sam, 11
".. Coming to dance and having fun with everybody and learning new skills". Stephanie, 11
".. Going to competitions and recitals and being together with everyone as a dance family." Cassidy, 11
"..When we stretch and practice routines." Julie, 11
"..Making fun dances." Ava, 9
"..The way it makes me feel confident and lets me express myself." Morgan, 14
"..To be able to perform for everyone and expressing my love for dance." Katie, 14
".. Miss Amanda, Miss Lauren & Miss Sherry. You're 3 very special people. The way you give your life to these kids and treat them like yours. You love what you do and we love what you do for our children. and I love going to competitions." Peter, Dance Dad 
".. I sat in my daughter's dance competitions for many weekends. She is a very talented kid, who is very passionate about what she does. I fully support her, hence, I sit for 8 to 11 hours per day. Her dance teachers are really nice and treat all of the dancers like they are family. We are there to show our appreciation and support of all that has been done. People are shocked to hear that we stay for so many hours, but that's our little girls and us fathers will do anything for them. The dedication is amazing and the hard work has/is paying off for all of them, That is admirable and I applauded you and them for that. At the end of that 8 to 11 hours, I've seen the girls do what they love and I wouldn't have it any other way. So what I love about dance is ALL OF IT." Joe, Dance Dad
".. The friendships I've watched KK form, and the friends that I've gained in other parents. Also, watching how proud KK is when they compete." Rory, Dance Mom
".. Is seeing the girls sense of accomplishment, when the girls master a new skill!" Katie, Dance Mom
"..Is seeing the smile on my daughter's face when she dances!" Bonny, Dance Mom
".. Watching my daughter smile ear to ear when she dances, as well as you lovely ladies for being sweet and loving to our kids." Amber, Dance Mom
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